you know its over when

You have nothing better to say to each other than how was your day.

You start seeing all those things your friends said re wrong about him or her

All those cute lil things he used to do and say become annoying

You don’t have the energy to fight with him or her no matter how big the issue

Every conversation you have is a fight or apology for the last fight which will end when you begin a new fight lol

‘Your song’ (sound track to the relationship) becomes annoying and makes you angry not sad.

You always the one calling or initiating conversations

Your phone calls have lots of awkward silences, less laughing and you are quite relieved when it’s over (phone call)

You make every effort possible not to spend time together and when you do you do something non conservative i.e. watch movie or hang in a crowd.

You don’t feel guilty when you flirt and chat up other guys or girls, hell you tell them you are single.

You don’t really feel anything when he or she says she had fun clubbing without you.(applicable only if it used to bring out jealousy)

You only know what’s going on in each other’s life through facebook, twitter etc updates.

You only talk through facebook, twitter etc updates.

You can fight on a social network and not be ashamed.

You are cheating and somehow justify it in your head.

Those cute texts, wall posts, dms, etc he or she used to send and make you giggle and smile now make you cringe.